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(Handbag) Passion & Happy Community #purseaddict

Let's talk about my passion, yeah I bet everybody knows what is my passion. sometimes I don't need to tell everyone guess it correctly. I'd love fashion, handbag and luxury good. I can't explain specific why but this is how it feels. My heart is beating when I see a beautiful bag, a beautiful outfit, bunch of people talk about it and show their love about it, I suddenly want to join the community and talk about it, my head is everywhere, i have a big smile on my face, i think my eyes wide open as well. It is like got high or something, i don't know. do you know? do you got me? There is just something about it that I can't sleep or even don't want to sleep just keep watching, reading, learning or looking about it. It is insane!
This video from Jerusha inspired me to write this post. I just can't tell (again!) just watch it. And because of that I also created this blog, post something in my instagram and create my youtube video. A new video about handbag…

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