Batik for App

This project was an offer from a friend for cooperation and collaboration between my project and a mobile application. Basically she is developing the application for the iphone and ipad called "a youth fashion culture". This application is focusing on art and tradition of Indonesian textile. The application was a kind of interactive e-magazine. There will be articles, fashion photography, and kind of mini-games. On purpose to let young people in the world attracted and fascinated with batik. 

For the fashion photography, my friend was working with tegep, she was also borrow tegep shoes and there was also batik clothing lazuli sarae that is apply batik in denim. and my friend also willing to cooperate with some people who are working on craft products. Profits for us designer, our name will be written on that app and the link of the designer, the concept design and the picture is also able for portfolios. 

Application will be free in apple store app, so we are expecting that will be a lot of people could download this app, so young indonesian generation lets spread our traditional handcraft through the world, especially for young people who really love fashion. :)


photographed & styled by Farina Rose
model Krizia Alexa
dress & shoe designed by GIFFA INDONESIA
accessories designed by Ferisa Nabila Natassa


Photographed and styled by Farina Rose
dress designed by Ferisa Nabila Natassa
Rockin Batik Boots designed by TEGEP BOOTS & LAZULI SARAE

---Batik as today youth Fashion Project--



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