Saigon to Hanoi, Vietnam 2012

I think 2012 was one of the best year in my life, after I graduated from my university and started my own brand. It is just great to spent little bit time for holiday. Vietnam was great, the food, the people, the culture are just interesting to take a look. Actually i was surprised about it, this holiday was also accidentally happened tho. But yeah over all one of the best holiday that I've ever had. ;)

Museum of Vietnam war (Koreanhat-Balidress-Rayban-JacobsByMarcjacobs)

Walking in the sun with my sister, really hot there, but trust me it is better than Indonesia. Sad :(

At chuci tunnel, shooting some cows (ofcourse i'm kidding :p)

Before going deeper into tunnel, my D capture it, yes i am so hungry! (Rayban-singaporeshirt-pullandbearshort-swatch)

Temple time, my D taking this picture, me in the middle of people who is coming for praying, he dare me to do it, PEACE! (ripcurlpeaceshirt)

Ha-Long-Bay (NY!NY!NY!)

Last day, we drinking wine together in such a nice place, sweet french resto but closed really soon. (yep this is hanoi) ( (my own design :P))



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