Happy Blogger's Day!

I am who i am, i do not care what people think about me, i guess i am too happy and too in love with my life, my GOD i thank You and i believe i can fly everywhere, i could be anything i want :)

I am a newbie, but i am proud i can write honestly. I guess it is better than people who could be just a follower. Yep i have got some friends or family who cant be confidence with their self, follow other people style, follow people mind just because too scare to try for something new, scare to be alone and not independent. hating their self and people too much so they just cant accept how beautiful their life are. I wont be like that, i love my life, i love my family, i love my love, i love my truly best friend who always around, not having two faces, not going just for fun but helping me anytime. SO HAPPY BLOGGERS DAY BLOGGER! :)



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