Sunday, December 1, 2013


Yes it was 21st November and i was attending another amazing concert! yeay! This concert definitely one of the most amazing concert that i had ever watched this year! With the opening act band Family of The Year from US (well this band not that bad, but also not my favorite i would say :p) for 1 hour and then yeah Phoenix started with their 1st single from their newest album "Entertainment" and yes they are nail it awesomely until the end of the concert YOU GUYS ARE REALLY AN ENTERTAINER! Thomas and friends have brought all of music together with the gigs really well, humble and really active chit chat with us which makes me really love this band even more! And other thing that day was Thomas Mars' birthday so makes another lovely story at that concert. We sang along together for him! (Isn't that cute?) plus plus plus my beloved friend Rara bring me such amazing glasses to watch this concert more more crazy super super amazing hahaha. And yeah finally i bought my phoenix jacket that i have crafted from long time ago! I just so happy to be there! :D


Tuesday, November 19, 2013


It was 5th november when i was attending this unforgettable concert. AM was just quirky amazing. They showed me good technique performance, artistic and smart lyric on music to video and yeah was listening alex turner voice on live was one of the sexiest voice i've ever heard! 

I still remember how happy i was at that time came back to home with their merchandise on my hand and how tired i am after presentation and market research i did that day. I was alone inside the crowd of the festival and Berlin was so loud and crazy. So then i just decided giving up and went to watch it from tribune because my mini tiny lil body (but al least i was that close with Mr. Alex Turner earlier :p). 


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Say good bye to autumn and hello winter!

Some pictures i took long before winter. Yes winter is just started in Berlin. It shocked me little bit, yeah you know the differences of the temperature in here compares to Indonesia is like almost 30 degrees. x)) And talking about autumn, i really love the season. Not so cold, not hot at all ofcourse haha. Just lovely color of the leaf everywhere. It was like God making gradation so perfectly, naturally. Really inspiring me for my master project (Yes i am starting talking about my master project just right after one month school started. Crazy? I know!)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Still in Berlin



Yes i am still in Berlin. Alive. Happy with my life. Busy with my study and always full with happy tummy. Berlin is special city, seriously! I almost love every part, every inch and i would say everything especially the food! (mix culture, mix food, from western and eastern country. can you imagine that?). And sorry to tell you but yes i am not trying to cheat myself again that i will have much time to take care this blog so often. Sad. But i choose to be out of the box, out of my comfort zone to use this blog as my little diary to share everything i want to write and share maybe one post per day or more when i have a time. I love technology and social media. But later on, in here i have learned that something real always fascinating you it is true. I have learned that you need to have a good relation with anybody but still just a few will always be part of your life until the end of the day. Oh life is good. GBU. :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Greeting from Berlin

Hello guys, it has been months since i wrote my last post. Ive been busy with my family, my friends and lover for the last past months to celebrate my farewell party to Germany and prepare everything and all. Yes i am currently living in Berlin, Germany. I am taking my master degree now at ESMOD Berlin majority Sustainability Fashion (super exciting!). I had to sit in my flight about 14 hours and got transit in Doha for 9 hours on 29th September to leave everything in Indonesia. And its worth waiting. I have seen a lot of things since that day. Learn a lot of things as well and believe me will be so much more to tell about later. About Berlin, about fashion, about school and of course SUSTAINABILITY. And today the time is started changing into winter. It will be more exciting now, because i have never feel the winter before. Well this is just small greeting from Berlin and i promise you i am going start writing again. At least one time a week.  Cheers!

Hello semua, sudah lama banget aku enggak nulis di blog ini. Ya berapa bulan terakhir memang hari-hariku disibukkan oleh keluarga, teman dan orang-orang tersayang untuk merayakan saat-saat terakhir sebelum pindah ke Jerman dan mengurus segala hal untuk pindah ke Jerman. Ya, sekarang aku tinggal sementara di Berlin, Jerman. Untuk melanjutkan studi di ESMOD Berlin dengan jurusan yang super menarik Sustainability Fashion. Terbang selama 14 jam dan transit 9 jam meninggalkan orang-orang tersayang di Indonesia. But i believe its worth waiting. Sampai hari ini banyak hal yang aku pelajari dan lihat dan believe me thats nothing karena akan lebih banyak hal yang akan aku share disini tentang Berlin, fashion, sekolah dan tentu saja hal yang lagi buat aku tergila-gila SUSTAINABILITY. And today winter is coming. Perbedaan waktu 5 jam dari Indonesia berubah menjadi 6 jam. Such a big things to know if you have such a long distance relationship. Dan ini akan menjadi pengalaman pertama aku merasakan musim dingin. excited! haha. Well, ini hanya sedikit sambutan dari Berlin dan aku janji akan terus menulis kembali. At least sekali dalam seminggu. Cheers!