Friday, January 18, 2013


I promise you to share more about my holiday in Bangkok, so here are some of my activities on day 2. More random pictures actually but well hope you still ENJOY! :) :) :)

Yep our messy room, but such a nice place. 40$ pernight. 4 star!!!

We were to early when we were at BTS station that day, we were waiting lil long so i did these two random photos. We went to chatucak weekend market at 7 in the morning. haha.

And who i bumped tot? It was like karl lagerfeld in Bangkok! hahaha

We were at chatucak weekend market, quite creepy tho they were welcoming us with this posters. rrrrr

Was enjoying shopping till drop, sitting and drinking coconut, yeay! (MANGO WAS EVERYWHERE! and this is my new shoes, i bought because my shoes has been broken, i guess too much walking haha)

Eating and Eating

And thai milk tea!!!


I bought this for me and for my sister, so cute, right? only 8$/each
 After chatucak we were back to Siam for buying pork meat for friend haha. (i know its weird)

Me at siam and pork meat lol

Walking to platinum, and we saw there was costplay player around. and this was interesting one!

Praying in the center of the city, nice. :)

I hope you are still enjoying my post because see you until next post!

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