S.O.S Wedding Party!

Jujur saja buat datang ke acara nikahan memang bukan kebiasaan buat aku akhir-akhir ini, karena aku terlalu malas buat dandan setiap berpergian. Namun untuk ke nikahan sahabat terdekat tentu itu sebuah kewajiban. Jadi sehari sebelum H-1 aku harus latihan dulu buat dandan mulai dari wajah sampai rambut. Begini deh hasilnya. not that bad isn't it? 

Honestly to come to a wedding definitely is not an usual routine i love to do, because yes i am the type of person who is choosing make up as the last option for my daily routine. But for bestfriend's wedding? Ofcourse i should come. So, at the last minutes action, like one day before the day, i have learned by doing it. Step by step from make up until hair-do. not that bad isn't it?


  1. Hey girl, I know this wedding problem - I never know how to style myself for such a big event :D You did great, the hairdo and the make up looks very pretty. I hope you had a fun time! Feel free to check out my blog ;) Kisses

    1. Oh i thought i am the only girl in this world. (ok i know this is my over reaction). thanks, and i am trying to be good and learn it everyday. I check your blog and love it! :)


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