Still in Berlin



Yes i am still in Berlin. Alive. Happy with my life. Busy with my study and always full with happy tummy. Berlin is special city, seriously! I almost love every part, every inch and i would say everything especially the food! (mix culture, mix food, from western and eastern country. can you imagine that?). And sorry to tell you but yes i am not trying to cheat myself again that i will have much time to take care this blog so often. Sad. But i choose to be out of the box, out of my comfort zone to use this blog as my little diary to share everything i want to write and share maybe one post per day or more when i have a time. I love technology and social media. But later on, in here i have learned that something real always fascinating you it is true. I have learned that you need to have a good relation with anybody but still just a few will always be part of your life until the end of the day. Oh life is good. GBU. :)


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