Yes it was 21st November and i was attending another amazing concert! yeay! This concert definitely one of the most amazing concert that i had ever watched this year! With the opening act band Family of The Year from US (well this band not that bad, but also not my favorite i would say :p) for 1 hour and then yeah Phoenix started with their 1st single from their newest album "Entertainment" and yes they are nail it awesomely until the end of the concert YOU GUYS ARE REALLY AN ENTERTAINER! Thomas and friends have brought all of music together with the gigs really well, humble and really active chit chat with us which makes me really love this band even more! And other thing that day was Thomas Mars' birthday so makes another lovely story at that concert. We sang along together for him! (Isn't that cute?) plus plus plus my beloved friend Rara bring me such amazing glasses to watch this concert more more crazy super super amazing hahaha. And yeah finally i bought my phoenix jacket that i have crafted from long time ago! I just so happy to be there! :D



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