Berlin Fashion Week (Green Showroom & Premium)

Today was my first day at Berlin Fashion Week. I was in green showroom where all sustainable designers and companies trying to sell and communicate theirs product and program to people, buyers, retailers and all, oh you name it. So i have my shift there for ESMOD from 10-13. It was really good atmosphere. Enjoying my communication skill to other by answering some questions from people and also medias (yes, i have interviewed by 2 medias, one from germany and one from taiwan hoho).

After do all my tasks at green showroom i moved to premium with shuttle bus which is a really nice car from mercedes. In this premium was also lots of brands, designers and companies but totally in different style from green showroom. More about ready to wear collection. From jeans to accessories, you can find really good stuff in there. But not really good atmosphere. More people and hectic. The restaurant was horrible though, with expensive price. So far Berlin Fashion Week for me is such a good experience to see if its comparing to Jakarta Fashion Week that was totally different. In here everything is more relax, casual with really good system. It shows us how culture in sustainable way anyway haha. Oh cant wait for bread and butter exhibition tomorrow. I guess it will be really huge and crazy! Yihaaaa~~~



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