My personal fav, autumn guide in Berlin!

Autumn is a special season for me. Because this autumn marks my 2 years anniversary since I move to Berlin. And since always the first thing when I meet new people they always ask me with question “Why Berlin?” So with this post let me guide you to explore together with me some parts of the beauty of this city, Berlin during Autumn.

Autumn is about food in Berlin. It is a glorious season when there's plenty of time for food. When is cloudy or rainy but you just cant resist to go outside so all you want and you need is a table filled with a good food, good coffee, warm tea and sweet treats. Lucky for us, Berlin has some very worthwhile options to fill your belly and warm your heart. Since i live in Kreuzberg, my personal favorite for breakfast is egg benedict and cappuccino at Kaffeebar in Kreuzberg. The coffee is tasty wake you up and the egg benedict is simply delicious with their secret homemade sauce!


But Berlin offers many locations and Autumn is the best season to explore the new places. Two years I keep exploring new places in Berlin and always surprise what Berlin can serve me anytime, like new things everyday. And finally last weekend my friends and I had chance to explore Prenzlauerberg and we found Kohlenquelle, a special place for breakfast, for lunch or just cozy afternoon with your friends. And yeah what is really special for this place is they serve vegan and vegetarian food, good coffee and cake, green falafel and hummus. A good place to chit chat and spend your time play with your friends underground!

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And asian food is my favorite for day and night in Autumn. When Berlin can be so cold and grey, Berlin always tend to remind me why I ever liked this city, because Berlin offers enough (or quite a lot) Japanese food (My most fav asian food!!!). Hot ramen and rice bowl from Makoto will warm your belly and your soul and keep your mind happy in this kind of season. Trust me!

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Autumn also good season for shopping in Berlin. While we have a lot of fun out there on the street singing in the rain, Autumn is also the best season to wear rain coat, rain boots, not so thick but still makes you warm with orangish, yellowish, brownish and redish outfits and also about to look forward to next season shopping for Winter. And this is Berlin, Berlin is a diverse city, the people are cool, have good taste, have different taste, have different style. So obvious Berlin offers many locations for shopping too! from mall with the latest trend of International brands to vintage shops to local brand shops and hipster shops just every corner at the street. So choose whatever you like!

The Alexa Shopping Mall is centrally located in the City near Alexanderplatz. Therefore it is easy to reach by public transport. Besides, Alexa is one of the largest shopping centres in Berlin. Shopping mall with five floors, 180 shops and a food court (eg. Zara, H&M, Mango, Starbucks etc). In my opinion Alexa is perfect place for quick shopping and fast food, a place on-the-go. And the most important for me Alexa has Vagabond (My most favorite brand for shoes) for you to look stylist with boots during Autumn or Winter.

Alexa Shopping Mall

Vagabond my forever favourite!

Decision, decision, decision.... 

My personal favorite for shopping in Berlin is exploring shopping street with small shops around. This one is really recommended for anyone who enjoys fresh air, window shopping, walking inside out the shop while enjoying weather in Berlin (Especially Autumn!). I often find really cool stuff and I never really heard about the brand but then become a fan of the shop because of the uniqueness of the brands they have, good quality products, handmade, sustainable and vintage. Berlin has lots of creativity here. Last week I had a chance of exploring Prenzlauerberg, Kastanienalle. Why Kastanielle? because for many years, Kastanienallee has reputation of being a fashionable street. Clothing and design shops have established themselves here, and it’s known as a place to meet trendy Berliners. Some places are quite pricey but also you can still find full of charming ideas and creativity at a bargain price. In between the small shops there are lots of bars and restaurants where you can relax and enjoy watching the stylish crowds wander along. I just cant ask more!

But my personal favorite area is still Mitte, Weinmeisterstrasse and Hackescher Markt. Try to check Hackescher Hof during the night find a cozy feeling there for movie, dinner, wine or pancake.

And Autumn in Berlin is also for enjoying Sunday outside instead of staying at home. Autumn in Berlin is also about park. Even mostly Autumn means cloudy and rain but Berlin also has sun and perfect weather to walk around the park. Walking under the sun while enjoying colour of the trees changing from green to yellow or red. Just too beautiful to miss it! Try tiergarten and walk around brandenburg gate.

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And here I almost bring you to the end of this post. So have you find the answer yet "Why Berlin?". Because... the season may be over, but to explore Berlin i feel like will be forever, the city just mean so much to me (I even havent talk about local event in Berlin which is also a lot!!!) from music, film and food festivals (but thanks for Eventbrite whenever I’m in need of some inspiration for what to do in my local area I know I can always count on you. And also I can browse the tools and help me to create my own events here, so easy!) and much more things i just hardly explain now... but trust me i will keep you updated and hope with my blog you can fall in love with Berlin even hardly together with me. So until next post!

Cheers, Tass

P.S Thanks for Cara Benson, Riza Avriansyah, Rara Rina, Irma Fadhila, Arif, Dan to make this happens!


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