2016 Holiday Gift Guide

This is not the real kind of 2016 holiday gift guide that maybe you guys used to see or read. It's just some thought that might useful for you to find a gift. Basically today I went out whole day with my best friend Rara, we went for coffee and cinnamon roll at Zeit fur Brot that people say is really legendary (that for us was just ok, good but was ok. Haha sorry to say) and we walked to take today's Ootd picture and went for window shopping that of course ended up bring something to home. But this time we'd love to check it one by one not like this impulsive buyer. The conclusion was we talked often about personality, maybe someone needs that, but the style also need to fits with their personality. We both love boots from the same brand but we always ended up buying different style, because my style is more edgy and rara is more classic. I suggest her to try my gold topshop pants that is really comfortable but she doesnt really wear gold that maybe she will end up buy the black one... And yesterday I also busy talking about gift list with my boyfriend, he keeps asking me about which bag he needs to buy. He wants a backpack but really hard for him to choose the right style and color and again I told him to check his closet and imagine his dream backpack like he will always wear it every day because you not only need it but you want it that is make you love it differently. Now also happen to me even to buy my own gift. Do you know what I mean? So sometimes people do love to buy a present that the other person might need (which is good) but why not also to find a thing that the person also want and like. That I think with checking the personality of the person the item can be really meaningful than only needed.

Btw I really enjoy my outfits today! I will write everything down below!

Good luck!

The tasty and overhyped cinnamon roll :P


Yay or Nay?

Thank you Rara for today :)

Today's outfits :

Topshop Sweater : Click Here!
Topshop Gold Trousers : Click Here!
COS shawl : Click Here!
Urban Outfitters Beanie
H&M Coat
Aigner Bag
Vagabond Platform


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