When in Hamburg

Hello my lovelies, it has been awhile after my last post posted. Yeah, I was traveling from one city to another. But first thing first I will share it to you my first city, Hamburg. And keep you posted with other journey and also some of my Christmas shopping that I did these past days.

So basically trip in Hamburg also one of my Christmas present that I got from boyfriend. Was really fun trip and to be honest Hamburg became one of my fav city in Germany after Berlin so far. I bet somehow I will come back often to this city. The people are nice, fashionable, the food are good just as good as Berlin, the difference is Hamburg has beautiful view that I will never find it in Berlin, has harbour, close to the sea, and seafood! What else I can tell! You can basically check my pictures that I took there and you can see how happy I am when I was there. Enjoy!

Miniature museum! This is impressive! Also, I went to uboat museum, that's also pretty nice!

And don't forget, outfit of that day!

1. Blue Coat - Zara
2. Black Cashmere Shawl - COS
3. Blue Jeans - BDG/Urban Outfitters
4. Xmini bebebo Backpack - MCM
5. Stan Smith - Adidas Original


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