2016 Holiday Gift Guide

12:08 PM

This is not the real kind of 2016 holiday gift guide that maybe you guys used to see or read. It's just some thought that might useful for you to find a gift. Basically today I went out whole day with my best friend Rara, we went for coffee and cinnamon roll at Zeit fur Brot that people say is really legendary (that for us was just ok, good but was ok. Haha sorry to say) and we walked to take today's Ootd picture and went for window shopping that of course ended up bring something to home. But this time we'd love to check it one by one not like this impulsive buyer. The conclusion was we talked often about personality, maybe someone needs that, but the style also need to fits with their personality. We both love boots from the same brand but we always ended up buying different style, because my style is more edgy and rara is more classic. I suggest her to try my gold topshop pants that is really comfortable but she doesnt really wear gold that maybe she will end up buy the black one... And yesterday I also busy talking about gift list with my boyfriend, he keeps asking me about which bag he needs to buy. He wants a backpack but really hard for him to choose the right style and color and again I told him to check his closet and imagine his dream backpack like he will always wear it every day because you not only need it but you want it that is make you love it differently. Now also happen to me even to buy my own gift. Do you know what I mean? So sometimes people do love to buy a present that the other person might need (which is good) but why not also to find a thing that the person also want and like. That I think with checking the personality of the person the item can be really meaningful than only needed.

Btw I really enjoy my outfits today! I will write everything down below!

Good luck!

The tasty and overhyped cinnamon roll :P


Yay or Nay?

Thank you Rara for today :)

Today's outfits :

Topshop Sweater : Click Here!
Topshop Gold Trousers : Click Here!
COS shawl : Click Here!
Urban Outfitters Beanie
H&M Coat
Aigner Bag
Vagabond Platform


Saint Laurent & Designer Bag Design

9:28 AM

Since I've got my Gucci Dionysus bag as an early present from my mom, I keep falling in love in this kind of type bag, to be short a classic flap bag with a chain just like a Chanel bag. But now I realize how other high-end designers bag just copied others high-end designer, I mean it's obvious Dionysus is like le boy bag in Chanel and Marmont is like the classic flap in Chanel. Now saint laurent also has these two kind of style which is I dont hate it, I like it (besides that sac d'jour is quite similar like Hermes bag). Makes me wanna have it since I always thinking oh it is cheaper than chanel bag. Or is it mean that I should stop buy those bags and save it for one chanel bag? I dont know... But I think I am not ready for that. haha.

Sejak Aku mendapat kado tas Gucci Dionysus kecepetan dari Ibu, aku jadi selalu jatuh cinta setiap melihat tas dengan gaya yang sama, pendeknya seperti tas klasik flap dari brand Chanel. Sekarang aku sadar bahkan high-end designer juga senang mencotek atau lembutnya terinspirasi dari brand high-end lainnya seperti Chanel and Hermes. Jelas contohnya seperti Gucci Dionysus yang mirip dengan chanel le boy dan marmount yang mirip dengan chanel klasik flap. Dan sekarang aku sedang senang melihat design saint laurent yang juga bisa kamu lihat mirip dengan leboy dan klasik flap dari chanel. Aku menulis ini bukan karena aku tidak suka, aku suka, disamping harganya lebih murah dan ya memang gak benar-benar mencontek (ohiya sac d'jour juga mengingatkan aku dengan tas Hermes). Dan sekarang aku menulis ini karena aku berfikir, haruskah aku memasukkan tas-tas ini ke dalam wishlist atau menabung demi mendapatkan chanel, the real deal! Entahlah... sepertinya aku belum siap untuk kesana. haha


Gucci Marmont Hype!

6:52 AM

At the beginning, I don't understand with the hype of this bag, especially with the detail at the back of the bag (yeah the love!). But when I see this bag in this color, I just can't help myself to not falling in love with this one (yeah I had two bags already from gucci, so I am sure I wont be soon to purchase this baby somehow) but just sharing... what do you think guys? (Retail 1790)

Awalnya, aku nggak ngerti hype dari tas ini, apalagi dengan detail hati dibelakang tas yang aku pikir looks so tacky. Namun ketika aku melihat warna ini, aku gak tahan dan langsung jatuh cinta! Warna nude dengan emas benar-benar mengambil hati aku (yeah aku sekarang sudah punya 2 tas dari gucci dan pastinya gak akan dalam waktu dekat untuk punya tas ini) just sharing.... just cant help... gimana menurut kamu? (Retail 1790)


Black Friday Craziness!

9:54 AM

Welcome to the craziness of sale from black Friday, find some links below that I found to help you to shop and find a good sale and deal! Enjoy!

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My luxury gift guide or wishlist for Christmas & Birthday!

7:37 AM

I know from my friend or boyfriend I am not an easy person to find out what I want or what in my wishlist is. It's always hard for my friend and boyfriend especially to find me a gift. Actually is always easy to find the thing I want outside there, the problem is somehow the thing that I want and like is just too expensive that sometimes I also hate myself about it because I don't want and I never ask someone to buy it for me but I normally work hard to get what I want. But now I will try to share this wish with everyone if anyone really interesting to know about it and why. I will basically keep updated this page (add more or remove once the wish is no longer on the list anymore) and put this page on the right page as wishlist. so dont forget to keep on checking! :p

Aku tau dari beberapa teman atau pacar kalau susah sekali mencari tau kado buat aku. Padahal sih nggak begitu susah, semua barang yang aku impikan mudah sekali dicari dimana-mana. Sayangnya barang-barang itu memang cukup mahal dan terkadang aku juga sebal sendiri dibuatnya. Aku tidak pernah benar-benar membicarakan soal ini karena aku tidak pernah dan gak ingin meminta ke teman atau pacar untuk membelikan kado buat aku. Semua barang yang ada di wishlist aku dan aku inginkan semuanya hasil kerja keras aku sendiri atau ya kado dari keluarga dimana keluarga menurut aku orang terdekat yang tidak mengharapkan balasan apa-apa. Tapi jika memang banyak teman dan pacar yang tertarik mencari tau, apa boleh buat, aku share wish list aku dan tinggal kalian putuskan sendiri apa benar-benar ingin tau apa yang ada di wishlist aku. hehe.

1. Balenciaga mini city metallic edge in gold hardware, why? Balenciaga is such a classic bag that for me as a bag lover and collector it is just a must to have it one. The mini one is fit perfectly on my body. The leather of the metallic edge is more durable with the metallic touch is just look amazing, pretty and edgy at the same time. Just can't resist! (Retail 1145 Euro)

1. Balenciaga mini city metallic edge gold hardware, kenapa? Balenciaga merupakan salah satu brand klasik yang buat aku pecinta tas matter untuk punya di koleksi aku. Ukuran mini pas sekali di badan aku. Dengan kulit metallic yang lebih tahan lama dan mengkilap membuat tas ini terlihat sangat wow, cantik dan keren dalam satu tampilan. Beneran gak tahan! (Retail 1145 Euro)

2. Comme des garcon in black polka dots size XS, Why? I have the stripes version and I really like it. I think why not to have another one? haha. And the polka dots with a red heart in black is just adorable. what do you think? (Retail 180 Euro)

2. Comme des garcon in black polkadot size XS, Kenapa? Aku sudah punya versi yang garis dan aku suka banget. Jadi aku pikir kenapa enggak punya satu lagi? haha. Dan versi polkadot dengan hati merah berwarna hitam bener-bener deh suka banget! hahaha gimana menurut kamu? (Retail 180 Euro)
3. Bring back to tiffany bracelet, Why? Just curious with the brand and quality (I am a designer, for me, it is important to know lots of quality from others brand). And this one look cute and the cheapest one from tiffany with their iconic color on the heart. Again such a classic piece! (Retail 170 Euro)

3. Bring back to tiffany bracelet, Kenapa? Penasaran dengan brand dan kualitas (Karena aku designer, buat aku penting coba-coba barang dari brand lain untuk perbandingan). Dan yang satu ini manis sekali dengan warna iconic dari tiffany. Lagi-lagi klasik! (Retail 170 Euro)

4. Valentino lock bag size medium in Black, tried the small one and didnt work, now craving the medium size. hmmm

5. Small Givenchy Antigona shiny leather in black. DAMN yeah currently i love everything shiny!

So guys that was it, I bet you know that I'd love classic pieces and love to try something new that is luxurious hahaha but of course good quality. What can I say... Hope you'd enjoy it! 

P.S where to find them? Closest Boutique, Comme des garcon boutique, Tiffany & co, Gucci, Valentino, Givenchy


Red alert!

6:23 AM

Today's mood red alert, maybe it is also because Christmas market in Germany just started, Christmas feeling is everywhere. Just love it!

Mood hari ini red alert. Mungkin karena Christmas market di Jerman baru saja di mulai. Jadi suasa Christmas benar-benar mulai terasa dimana-mana. Just love it!

Lipstick : YSL
Top : Urban Outfitters
Watch : Casio
Skirt : Topshop


Reveal and Review (Topshop Coat & Gucci Soho Chain)

2:31 AM

Was another fun weekend I had with girlfriends and boyfriend. I spent my Friday night did sleep over at my best friend, cooked dinner and watched a hopeless romantic comedy movie. My weekend, of course, won't stop there and continued on Saturday went for a movie (Dr. Strange which is so far my fav marvel movie!) and had incredible pizza (please check the link, this the most incredible pizza you can get in Berlin, my fav!). Sunday was a super chill day, we did late brunch continued with exhibition then cake and coffee. Besides that last but not least I can try some Items that I just bought last month and will share to you

Akhir minggu yang nggak kalah seru dari minggu sebelumnya bersama sahabat dan pacar. Aku menghabiskan waktu aku dari Jumat malam menginap di rumah sahabat aku, masak dan nonton film romantis komedi. Weekend aku tentu gak berhenti cuma sampai disana, hari Sabtu aku lanjutkan pergi ke bioskop untuk nonton Dr. Strange dimana aku suka banget (film marvel ter-favorit buat aku saat ini) setelah nonton aku pergi buat dinner di restoran pizza favorit aku. Kemudian hari Minggu ku cukup santai dan produktif bersama sahabat, kita pergi brunch dan ke pameran dan di akhiri dengan makan kue dan kopi. Selain itu, paling penting weekend kemarin aku bisa mencoba beberapa barang yang baru saja aku beli dan dengan senang bisa share cerita serta reviewnya ke kalian.

So Sunday I was wearing Topshop coat, All saint cardigan, Uniqlo turtleneck, Nudie jeans, Happy socks, Adidas stan smith and Gucci Soho chain. The items that I want to talk about is my Topshop coat, as you know that I am a fan of Topshop since edges, not only because of the style the size always fits me best. But the only problem I found with their coat is the button quality is really bad, I wore this coat only twice and it broke already, I don't know if only happen to me or anyone also had the same issue like me? But I will keep it anyway since I like the shape and it is quite warm.

Jadi hari minggu kemarin dan hampir keseluruhan weekend kemarin aku lagi suka pakai Topshop coatAll saint cardiganUniqlo turtleneckNudie jeansHappy socksAdidas stan smith dan Gucci Soho chain. Tapi disini yang mau aku bahas hanya barang-barang baru yang baru aku coba, seperti Topshop coat abu yang aku sedang pakai, dari dulu aku memang suka sekali dengan brand Topshop, selain gaya-nya yang cocok dengan gayaku, ukurannya selalu pas dengan tubuh aku yang mungil. Coat ini adalah coat kedua aku setelah coat yang lama warna hitam sudah 3 tahun dan sudah mulai dekil. Coatnya pun sangat nyaman dan hangat. Satu-satunya kekurangan yang bikin aku sebel cuma bagian kancingnya yang tidak kuat dan baru dua kali pakai sudah rusak. Aku kurang tahu apa ini cuma masalah pada aku atau ada teman-teman yang juga punya masalah yang sama dengan kualitas kancing Topshop? Tapi kekurangan itu nggak bikin aku berhenti belanja di Topshop sepertinya. haha. I know!

And finally, I brought out this little baby and give a try my Gucci Soho chain. The size is quite small but looks perfectly on my body since I am super petite. Super light and chic, recommended for you who loves to go light and simple. I can put 2 sunglasses inside, my small beauty pouch, keys and small wallet without any problem. And the leather is so nice and easy to clean, I wore it when it was raining on Saturday, and so far so good. I will keep using it more often.

Dan akhirnya, aku bawa jalan-jalan juga my little baby Gucci Soho chain. Aku beli tas ini preloved dengan harga yang cukup murah dan baru. Dengan hobiku yang sekarang menjual barang-barang aku yang sudah tidak terpakai lagi jadi tas ini cukup a good deal untuk aku. Ukurannya cukup kecil, tapi sangat cocok dengan ukuran badan aku yang juga mungil. Tasnya juga enteng dan pastinya gaya, jadi aku rekomendasikan buat kamu yang tertarik gaya dan go light atau gak suka bawa barang banyak. Dengan ukuran segitu aku bisa membawa 2 kaca mata, dompet make up kecil (isi 3 lipstik, parfurm kecil, obat-obatan, tetes mata) dan dompet kecil tanpa ada masalah. Kulitnya pun berkualitas tinggi, aku tidak sengaja memakainya ketika hujan namun tidak ada masalah sama sekali. Aku akan coba pakai lagi lebih lama dan coba mereview ulang mungkin 6 bulan kedepan.

And here are some pictures I took from cake and coffee time at Brotzeit
Dan ini beberapa foto yang aku ambil ketika kita sedang menikmati kue dan kopi di Brotzeit


When you're not baby your bag!

3:26 AM

This is what happened when you are not baby your bag. Haha yeah, this is one of my very first one luxury bag purchase that I still have (I had my very first one sold, and it was a Longchamp bag) and this is Issey Miyake baobao bag that I think in size small.

So basically in this post I just wanted to share with you about my experience with my bags. I meant I almost never baby my bag especially the one that I'd love to use. I always think buying a luxury bag is still you buy a bag and you should use it. Even though sometimes like when I see my baobao bag I keep thinking what the hell were you doing and not taking care of your expensive stuff. But seriously every time I am thinking to baby my bag I end up never using it (yeah like my gucci dionysus)

So yeah what do you think guys I should do with my bags? Do you know any place to clean the bag? Or do you have any same funny story about baby or not baby your bag to share? I'd love to hear that!