Thursday, July 27, 2017

Givenchy Mini Antigona VS Alma BB

Let me tell you a story that might be useful for you guys in the future. Especially for you girls, woman that can't determine your head to decide which bag I should go first or just only one bag, of course you don't need to get to of them (not like me, yeah no one can help me to decide :))). So it is started when I was wanting to get a luxury bag above 1000Euro, why is that? I was just curious how the quality and the service, really, and some of the brands are even have a mind blowing history that really, I fully respect that, in the name of fashion world. So well then what is the most important of that I did a research, the bag on that price range and read about the quality also about the history! And I don't know why, out of nowhere I compare these two bags, Alma BB and Givenchy Antigona. I thought they are similar but in different style, I mean the silou, the color, classic (that my thought in the beginning). I tried to watch all the review and get addicted until I decided to make my own YouTube channel. lol. I also tried asking lots of question in purse forum. But no one can help me, really, I feel helpless and then ended up crazy bought both of the bags in the name of curiosity (Well I bought my Alma BB first, I thought I was sure enough that time and then 3 months after I bought my Givenchy). The result actually, my first decision was right, I used my Alma BB more often than my Antigona, I love love my Alma BB so much and soo happy everytime I use her and see her. The Louis Vuitton service was amazing, the quality so far is also great. I wont complain now. I got all the wish and hope that I always wanted. Long story short, if you wanna see me talking about it, watch my full review video in my channel! Enjoy!


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

100 subscribers!

Just joined the 100 subscribers on YouTube club. VIRTUAL HIGH-FIVE! . I am so excited to continue on this! please, please, for you who hasnt subscribe, you can find my channel here 


Monday, July 10, 2017

Reviewing My Holy Grail Handbag (Gucci Dionysus!)

Hello guys! Today I am going to talk about my holy grail handbag, a Gucci Dionysus. Maybe for you who is new in my blog or never seen my YouTube channel (please subscribe!) don't know that I was lusting for this bag like die hard! And I am so happy that I can have her with me on December as my Birthday present in February (lol, thanks mom for helping me 30% of it :P). I never been so in love with the bag until I saw her, there is something inside it that feels like beauty mixed edgy style yet classic. It's just hard to describe I just love love and happy to have it. I was debating between the small and medium. In the end, ended up with the medium size because the small can only use as shoulder bag for me (short girl problem) while the medium I can use it as shoulder bag ( two ways ) and also sling bag ( thank short girl problem!) haha. And the medium can hold lots of stuff!!! eventho it can be really heavy and hurts your shoulder. But the leather is super nice and durable. In the end I'd recommend this bag and so so so happy (again!) to have her!


Thursday, July 6, 2017


Hello guys, as you know I am a purse lover, I am crazy about bags, I just cant live without bags since I was a kid. It's just on my name (If you don't know that Tas is Bag in Indonesian language :p). For me a bag is not only something to keep your things safe but also for my first key of outfits to boost your outfits. Since I don't really use jewellery. There is something about bag that I just can't resist, I know some people having this craziness with shoes, I hope I wont go that far as well (Because yeah, I started eyeing some luxury shoes but keep thinking if its really worth it to buy it, maybe until I worn all my shoes I have right now haha). But because my craziness about bags, I used to have around 30++ bags in my collection that I think that number is a little bit too much, so now I started making a rule in my collection, I only can have 17 bags in my collection? why 17? Because i think it is a nice number, it is my fav number haha. So if I have a wishlist I should try to sell one from my collection slowly then buy the new one. So do you want to see my whole collection? Watch the video below! Enjoy!


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Commodity Fragrance

Hi guys! Have you heard about Commodity Fragrance before? For me it's a new thing! I started being crazy about niece fragrance from joe malone to byredo to dyptique and now commodity. If you have Sephora around your area, lucky you! you can find them easily there. Since in Germany we don't have Sephora around, still lucky me, us! that Commodity now are having online store that we can order directly from there. Do you want to hear my thought about it? Watch my video! Enjoy!


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Help Me To Make This Decision!

In this crazy world, yes luxury goods, purse forum world (yes that is what I meant!). It's really hard to decide which one you should go just because you don't want to spend all the money for both of it (I wish I can, buy maybe someday in my 30s). So here we go, the video is up! I am asking help from you and want to hear your thought about it! Enjoy!


Saturday, May 27, 2017

How I Style My Sneakers

It has been a month after I uploaded my last video, been focusing my job and my YouTube Channel (Please Subscrribe :P) Since Summer is already here, in Berlin, I wanted to talk about sneakers. Sneakers is one of my favorite style of shoes that I'd love. Not before I moved to Berlin tho. I used to wear heels a lot in Indonesia, but here I have to walk everyday there and there so yeah, I bet you know what I mean... So I started to play around with sneakers, to learn how to mix and match the shoes that I thought before is just no go for dress or even go to mall. just no. And after sometimes I found my way, I know how to wear it in daily basic, everywhere even for a formal occasion. Do yo wanna know how? Find it below:


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Best, The Worst & The Most Dramatic Fragrance

Buat kamu yang sempet nonton video aku The Best, The Worst & The Most Dramatic Bag, sekarang kamu juga bisa nonton versi perfume/fragrancenya loh! Khusus buat kamu yang juga penggila perfume kayak aku! Enjoy!


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New Bags & What's in My Bag (Balenciaga Mini City)

Hello, everyone! Gosh! I keep forgetting to write my blog. Currently, I am so focusing in my YouTube channel. Just so enjoying it. I just revealed my new bag and thought about my first experience purchased something from Vestiaire Collective! I hope you like it! Dont forget to subscribe, leave me a comment for improvement and give me a big thumb up!


Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Best, The Worst & The Most Dramatic

Have you watched my latest video in my YouTube channel? I tried to share my experience in luxury brand, especially bag. Also tried to do luxury tag addict from Lydia E Millen, one of my fav YouTuber. If you haven't subscribed my channel, you can watch the video below, don't forget to leave me a comment for improvement, or your thought about it and give me a thumb up. See you in the next one.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My #1 Favorite Place on Earth (So far...)

Hello guys, I know you might be wondering where the hell on earth it will be or you are going to think this girl must be a drama queen. Haha. Well, guys I just came back from travel over last week in Iceland. Iceland is one of #1 destination that I always wanted to go. And luckily I had a chance to go there as a birthday present from my boyfriend (also spa and hotspot included from his parent!). I added so far because of course who knows that someday I will find another paradise and I haven't gone a lot to compare other amazing travel blogger or vlogger. But yeah... you know what I mean right?

I can't say a lot of things but I guess when you will watch my video and check my photos you will understand why! The island is just pretty wild nature and had surprised me every single day when I was there. We landed at Reykjavik and stay over the night there at city Hostel International and continued the next day to drive over a golden circle (National park, Geysir, Gulfoss) and stay the night at Hostel International Skogarfoss (where we saw the northern lights, an unforgotten moment in my life!). The third day we climbed up and enjoyed the waterfall in Skogarfoss and continued to drive through Vik, Jokusarlon and stayed 30 mins away from there. The third day was a super tiring day but I enjoyed the view right and left a lot! Took pictures withIcelandicc horses and continued fourth day through diamond beach to Laugavatn to enjoy the fontana hotspot and sauna. And fifth and sixth day stay at reykjavik did lil shopping also enjoyed viking beer. That was our itenary. And hope you enjoy my photos and videos.

Let me know if you want to know further about the trip or any recommendation there. I would be super happy to answer and help!


Sunday, March 5, 2017

One Night in Hamburg

I can't believe less than 6 months I went twice to Hamburg and stay falling in love with this city. I can say Hamburg is one of my favorite city in Germany after Berlin. The city is pretty modern with lots of minimalist architecture, tidy and clean, beautiful with harbor and surrounded by so many parks. Besides that I found the city also quite artsy, I see lots of colors around and also interesting restaurants and bars.

Yes, this time my trip was only one night to explore the artsy places in Hamburg. And guess what? We found lots of gems to share. You can also see the vlog below. I created in two parts. The second part will be live in two days. So don't forget to subscribe, give me thumbs up and leave me a comment to improve my channel. Enjoy!

Yes, I was there with my best friend to accompany her for applying her university. We stayed at airbnb close to St. Pauli. The apartment was really nice, clean, minimalist and modern. The owner is really nice. He recommends us many cool places and restaurants around. Really recommended to stay at that area, especially for young people.

My outfits was basically all the time favorite these past months, my grey jumper from topshop, my oldie but goodie zara hoodie, vest from mangga dua, topshop petite pants and current favorite shoes, good dupes, from egoofficial. And also my current favorite lipstick from YSL.

And the last day, we found this gem! such a cool, unique artsy spaces in Hamburg called Gangeviertel.

Welcome to My YouTube Channel!

Hello everyone, I just started my journey in YouTube, for you who loves fashion, luxury items, beauty, makeup, traveling or me. You can kindly find my intro here

Please don't forget to subscribe, give me thumbs up and leave me a comment anything that can improve my channel. I know I am newbie in this thing, so now I try my best to learn and do.


Friday, February 3, 2017

January Favorites 2017

Hello, guys! It's February already! Yeah. I kind of skipped January for you because was lots of things going on and also February is my favorite month so I just can't wait until now. Anyway, I was in Indonesia for 10 days and now I am coming back to Berlin. Such a strange feeling but I feel like I missed my hometown so much and had felt so content there maybe something big will happen to me in 2-3 months that I hope I can share it with you, of course.

Jump to the main topic! However January I had to admit that finally, I had so much time to took picture of my favorite things that I have been wearing and mostly in January that I'd love to share with you! 

Halo Semuanya! Nggak terasa sudah Februari! Yeah. I kind of skipped January karena banyak banget hal yang terjadi dan juga Februari adalah bulan favorit aku. Jadi aku gak sabar banget menunggu. Ngomong-ngomong, aku sempat pulang ke Indonesia selama 10 hari di awal bulan Januari dan sekarang aku kembali di Berlin. Anehnya, pulang terakhir ini aku merasakan hal yang cukup aneh, kangen banget rasanya sama Indonesia dan merasa benar-benar nyaman dan terisi disana. Aku bakalan kasi surprise ke kalian dia 2-3 bulan kedepan. Jadi stay tune ya!

Yuk loncat ke topik yang aku mau bagi ke kalian. Hal-hal atau tepatnya benda favorit aku di bulan Januari. Akhirnya aku punya banyak waktu untuk mengumpulkan semua foto yang aku ambil di bulan Januari yang aku senang bagikan ke kalian.

It's obvious my preloved Louis Vuitton case is has been my favorite. Bought it in really good condition. I always wanted to have the case that I can put some cash and cards but look stylish so this is real to go for you who wants also thing like that. 

Ok jelas banget salah satu favorit aku yaitu case handphone aku yang aku beli preloved dan itu dari louis vuitton. Kondisinya masi sangat bagus pas aku beli dan pastinya lebih murah! Buat kamu yang sama seperti aku mencari tempat handphone yang bisa nyimpen kartu dan beberapa uang cash pastinya keliahatan stylish, case handphone ini bisa jadi pilihan sempurna loh!

Outfits :
Beanie - Zara
Glasses - Ace&Tate
Scarf - Acne Studio
Coat - Topshop
Pants - Asos
Shoes - Topshop
Bags - Mcm 
iPhone6 case - Louis Vuitton

And these shoes are a BOMB! cant stop wearing them. It's a such a dupes from Saint Laurent. Thanks Topshop you nailed it!

Dan sepatu ini BOMB! Nggak berhenti aku pakai hampir setiap hari. Inspirasi dari brand Saint Laurent. Makasih loh topshop sudah berhasil mencontek abis-abisan! Gak nyesel deh. Dan bocorannya lagi, aku belinya SALE loh!

Outfits :
Collar - Cos
Cardigans - HnM
Pants - Asos
Shoes - Topshop

I was in Fashion Week to assist one of Indonesian fashion designer in Berlin Lina Berlina. Come and check her out!

Dan Januari ini, aku membantu designer Indonesia di Berlin untuk show di Berlin Fashion week. Lina Berlina, she is really nice! Come and check her out!

Outfits :
Tops & Clutch - Lina Berlina
Tights - Calzedonia
Shoes - Vagabond

Outfits :
Beanie - &OtherStories
Glasses - Mykita
Scarf - &OtherStories
Leather Jacket - TheKooplesSport
Pants - BDG
Bags - Phillip Lim
Shoes - Vagabond

Besides black shiny pants, my current obsession are girlfriend jeans and baggy pants. Just soo comfortable to wear them. Especially in the plane or for traveling

Selain celana ketat mengkilat, celanan favorit aku akhir-akhir ini adalah celana longgar seperti girlfriend jeans atau kulot. Nyaman banget deh pakeknya. Apalagi buat jalan atau di pesawat.

Outfits :
Sweater - Zara
Pants - Asos
Shoes - Adidas

Outfits :
Pants - Topshop

And I revealed the bag I have been talking about since Chrismas. My new baby! Louis Vuitton Alma bb

Dan ini tas aku yang ingin aku lihatin ke kalian dari Natal. My new baby! Louis Vuitton Alma bb

Outfits :
Strap - Zara
Pompom - HnM

This scarf that keeping me warm, I just can't move to another brand and yeah one scarf is enough if you have this one. TRUST ME! but yeah currently favorite cologne from Jo Malone that I picked it up at Qatar Airport.

Syal ini bener-bener hangat, aku bener-bener nggak akan pindah brand. Sampai syal dari burberry juga gak senyaman ini. Dan kalo aku cuma dapet pilihat satu syal saja. This one is totally enough! Percaya deh! Dan cologne favorite aku akhir-akhir ini yang aku beli di bandara Qatar Jo Malone.

Last but not least a cup of coffee every single morning and this little beauty from Saint Laurent.
So what is your favorite guys?

Terakhir tapi pastinya bukan yang paling nggak favorite. Minum kopi setiap pagi dan si cantik mungil dari Saint Laurent. Sekarang apa favorit kamu?