One Night in Hamburg

I can't believe less than 6 months I went twice to Hamburg and stay falling in love with this city. I can say Hamburg is one of my favorite city in Germany after Berlin. The city is pretty modern with lots of minimalist architecture, tidy and clean, beautiful with harbor and surrounded by so many parks. Besides that I found the city also quite artsy, I see lots of colors around and also interesting restaurants and bars.

Yes, this time my trip was only one night to explore the artsy places in Hamburg. And guess what? We found lots of gems to share. You can also see the vlog below. I created in two parts. The second part will be live in two days. So don't forget to subscribe, give me thumbs up and leave me a comment to improve my channel. Enjoy!

Yes, I was there with my best friend to accompany her for applying her university. We stayed at airbnb close to St. Pauli. The apartment was really nice, clean, minimalist and modern. The owner is really nice. He recommends us many cool places and restaurants around. Really recommended to stay at that area, especially for young people.

My outfits was basically all the time favorite these past months, my grey jumper from topshop, my oldie but goodie zara hoodie, vest from mangga dua, topshop petite pants and current favorite shoes, good dupes, from egoofficial. And also my current favorite lipstick from YSL.

And the last day, we found this gem! such a cool, unique artsy spaces in Hamburg called Gangeviertel.


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