My #1 Favorite Place on Earth (So far...)

Hello guys, I know you might be wondering where the hell on earth it will be or you are going to think this girl must be a drama queen. Haha. Well, guys I just came back from travel over last week in Iceland. Iceland is one of #1 destination that I always wanted to go. And luckily I had a chance to go there as a birthday present from my boyfriend (also spa and hotspot included from his parent!). I added so far because of course who knows that someday I will find another paradise and I haven't gone a lot to compare other amazing travel blogger or vlogger. But yeah... you know what I mean right?

I can't say a lot of things but I guess when you will watch my video and check my photos you will understand why! The island is just pretty wild nature and had surprised me every single day when I was there. We landed at Reykjavik and stay over the night there at city Hostel International and continued the next day to drive over a golden circle (National park, Geysir, Gulfoss) and stay the night at Hostel International Skogarfoss (where we saw the northern lights, an unforgotten moment in my life!). The third day we climbed up and enjoyed the waterfall in Skogarfoss and continued to drive through Vik, Jokusarlon and stayed 30 mins away from there. The third day was a super tiring day but I enjoyed the view right and left a lot! Took pictures withIcelandicc horses and continued fourth day through diamond beach to Laugavatn to enjoy the fontana hotspot and sauna. And fifth and sixth day stay at reykjavik did lil shopping also enjoyed viking beer. That was our itenary. And hope you enjoy my photos and videos.

Let me know if you want to know further about the trip or any recommendation there. I would be super happy to answer and help!



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