Monday, July 10, 2017

Reviewing My Holy Grail Handbag (Gucci Dionysus!)

Hello guys! Today I am going to talk about my holy grail handbag, a Gucci Dionysus. Maybe for you who is new in my blog or never seen my YouTube channel (please subscribe!) don't know that I was lusting for this bag like die hard! And I am so happy that I can have her with me on December as my Birthday present in February (lol, thanks mom for helping me 30% of it :P). I never been so in love with the bag until I saw her, there is something inside it that feels like beauty mixed edgy style yet classic. It's just hard to describe I just love love and happy to have it. I was debating between the small and medium. In the end, ended up with the medium size because the small can only use as shoulder bag for me (short girl problem) while the medium I can use it as shoulder bag ( two ways ) and also sling bag ( thank short girl problem!) haha. And the medium can hold lots of stuff!!! eventho it can be really heavy and hurts your shoulder. But the leather is super nice and durable. In the end I'd recommend this bag and so so so happy (again!) to have her!


Thursday, July 6, 2017


Hello guys, as you know I am a purse lover, I am crazy about bags, I just cant live without bags since I was a kid. It's just on my name (If you don't know that Tas is Bag in Indonesian language :p). For me a bag is not only something to keep your things safe but also for my first key of outfits to boost your outfits. Since I don't really use jewellery. There is something about bag that I just can't resist, I know some people having this craziness with shoes, I hope I wont go that far as well (Because yeah, I started eyeing some luxury shoes but keep thinking if its really worth it to buy it, maybe until I worn all my shoes I have right now haha). But because my craziness about bags, I used to have around 30++ bags in my collection that I think that number is a little bit too much, so now I started making a rule in my collection, I only can have 17 bags in my collection? why 17? Because i think it is a nice number, it is my fav number haha. So if I have a wishlist I should try to sell one from my collection slowly then buy the new one. So do you want to see my whole collection? Watch the video below! Enjoy!