Givenchy Mini Antigona VS Alma BB

Let me tell you a story that might be useful for you guys in the future. Especially for you girls, woman that can't determine your head to decide which bag I should go first or just only one bag, of course you don't need to get to of them (not like me, yeah no one can help me to decide :))). So it is started when I was wanting to get a luxury bag above 1000Euro, why is that? I was just curious how the quality and the service, really, and some of the brands are even have a mind blowing history that really, I fully respect that, in the name of fashion world. So well then what is the most important of that I did a research, the bag on that price range and read about the quality also about the history! And I don't know why, out of nowhere I compare these two bags, Alma BB and Givenchy Antigona. I thought they are similar but in different style, I mean the silou, the color, classic (that my thought in the beginning). I tried to watch all the review and get addicted until I decided to make my own YouTube channel. lol. I also tried asking lots of question in purse forum. But no one can help me, really, I feel helpless and then ended up crazy bought both of the bags in the name of curiosity (Well I bought my Alma BB first, I thought I was sure enough that time and then 3 months after I bought my Givenchy). The result actually, my first decision was right, I used my Alma BB more often than my Antigona, I love love my Alma BB so much and soo happy everytime I use her and see her. The Louis Vuitton service was amazing, the quality so far is also great. I wont complain now. I got all the wish and hope that I always wanted. Long story short, if you wanna see me talking about it, watch my full review video in my channel! Enjoy!



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