Hello guys, as you know I am a purse lover, I am crazy about bags, I just cant live without bags since I was a kid. It's just on my name (If you don't know that Tas is Bag in Indonesian language :p). For me a bag is not only something to keep your things safe but also for my first key of outfits to boost your outfits. Since I don't really use jewellery. There is something about bag that I just can't resist, I know some people having this craziness with shoes, I hope I wont go that far as well (Because yeah, I started eyeing some luxury shoes but keep thinking if its really worth it to buy it, maybe until I worn all my shoes I have right now haha). But because my craziness about bags, I used to have around 30++ bags in my collection that I think that number is a little bit too much, so now I started making a rule in my collection, I only can have 17 bags in my collection? why 17? Because i think it is a nice number, it is my fav number haha. So if I have a wishlist I should try to sell one from my collection slowly then buy the new one. So do you want to see my whole collection? Watch the video below! Enjoy!



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